why do dogs wink

Why do Dogs Wink?

Dogs display several behaviors that are beyond human comprehension. However, those sudden behaviors do leave us bewildered and perplexed because we have no clue what our furry friend can be asking for? Is he hurt? Hungry? Needs water? Or wants to play? If you are a dog owner for a long time, then you might not have enough trouble in understanding their non-verbal signs of communication. Misfortunately, for new owners, the experience is no less different than finding a needle in the haystack.

One such confusing behavior is that when you stare at your dog, and he wins your ‘aww’ with an unexpected adorable wink. What could this mean? Let’s find out.

The Real Reason behind a Dog’s Winking

Eyes are an efficient method of communication in humans. Soldiers have used them to mimic Morse code, and they were probably included in every romantic story that you have ever read. However, the best example of communication via eyes is perceived by animals. Dogs often use their eyes to communicate with other dogs.

Avoiding a Conflict

Amongst the wild, the supreme law is the survival of the strongest. To revolt against this law, certain animals use submission. They submit to their attacker or another possibly dangerous animal to avoid any harm. Dogs portray the same behavior when they want to avoid a fight with another dog. The usual order in which two hateful dogs break into a brawl is:

  • Constant glaring
  • If glaring does not stop, it results in barking and aggression
  • Finally, the brawl begins

However, when a dog breaks the eye connection, either by winking or looking somewhere else, it avoids the heated situation.

So Does It Mean That a Dog Winks to Avoid a Fight with You?

Not exactly, but yes! Living creatures, both humans and animals cannot change their natural responses and actions. We flinch in pain, bow down in shame, and do what not. Similarly, when you adopt a dog, his natural instincts and ways of communication do not change. Meaning, if you will continue to stare at your dog for more than a few seconds, it will undoubtedly look away from you or wink to avoid the eye connection. In brief, if your dog winks at you, then he truly loves you and does not want any aggression or even simple scolding from you. The winking is an ACT OF SUBMISSION. 


Dogs have a habit of mimicking their owners. It is a fact that you cannot reject in any situation. You must have witnessed them mimicking your behavior on several occasions. Whenever you sleep or relax, your dog also sleeps and relaxes. If you are out for a jog, then he’d also want to go out with you. When you are relishing a mouth-watering dessert like ice-cream, your dog will want to do the same too. Similarly, you can train your dog to wink every time you wink, and their mimicking will be completely understandable.

Medical Problem

If your dog winks too frequently or too many times a day, maybe he has some problem in his eye. It is better to consult a vet if your dog does this.

Other Reasons

Due to psychological traumas, the dogs that have been a victim of household abuse under the previous owner or have witnessed cruel behavior from other humans are also subjected to wink a lot in submission. Fortunately, with constant care and affection, you can make them feel better around humans.

These were some reasons why dogs wink. To understand your dog better and reason its certain actions, you are always welcome at our blog.

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