why do dogs lick eachother

Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other?

There are certain behaviors of dogs that make us laugh. While some make us fall in love with them, others appear to be gross. If you were also startled the first time you saw your dog licking a random dog in the neighborhood and couldn’t understand what this behavior means, then this blog has been written for you.

In certain situations, dogs not only lick the eyes, ears, and mouth of other dogs, but they lick other parts too. The meaning of their licking depends upon the relationship with the dog, which we have divided into the following scenarios:

When Your Dog Licks a Random Dog on the Street

This situation can have three meanings:

  • Your dog is already friendly with the dog and wants to know more about him. Licking his or her muzzle is similar to “Hey! Tell me something more about you.”
  • If your dog is intimated by another dog, he is simply telling him his social status by licking. For example, if he thinks his rank is lower than the other dog’s, then he’ll lick his face in submission. It also means that if there’s a toy or food available for the two dogs, your dog thinks that the other dog with higher status has the first right over those two.
  • Another scenario where licking is possible is when the other dog is injured and needs to be treated. Here, your dog does not care about the social hierarchy and is treating the other dog’s cut or wound.

When your Puppy Licks the Mother

It is a sign that the puppy needs semi-digested food as he cannot properly chew. Even if this is not the case, puppies usually lick the mouth of their mothers to inform her that they are hungry and need food.

When your Dogs Licks Her Puppies

Again there are several explanations under this scenario.

  • It can be a sign of affection towards the puppies, and also for grooming and cleaning purposes.
  • Mothers may also lick the bodies of the puppies to stimulate the passing of the excreta as newborn puppies have no control over things like urine and stool.

When a Puppy Licks another Puppy

  • Do you think only the mamma can do the grooming role? Sometimes, sibling dogs also groom each other by licking. It is a behavior that they learn from their mother, and continue it even after growing up.
  • Another reason is that your puppy is simply being playful.

When your Dog Licks the Eyes or Ears of Your Other Dog

It’s playtime. It is common between the dogs of the same owner to lick each other’s ears, to tell them how interested they are in the game of tag or probably just jumping together and have fun.

What Should Be Your Response When You See your Dog Licking Other Dogs?

First of all, there’s no need to look surprised when this happens. Not all such interactions need human interruptions, especially when your dog is licking his sibling, mother, or your other pet dog.

What you do need to be careful about is that when your dog licks a stranger dog, and he starts growling. It’ll be better to stop your dog from licking that dog if that happens. Also, it’s your discretion if you want to allow your dog to lick the wounds or scratches of your other dogs, but it is not recommended. It is better if you get the injured dog to a vet or apply some medication as licking the wound can spread infection.

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