why do dogs eat wood

Why do Dogs Eat Wood?

Have you noticed your dog out in the back garden and chewing on a piece of wood? Exactly,  you’re in the same position with thousands of other dog owners that feel like to know why their pet dogs are doing this, and what they can do to bring to an end to this behavior. Earlier than we can enter into more details of how you can stop your furry friend from chewing wood, you must first know why do dogs eat wood?

Natural Habit

Chewing is an unavoidable part of a dog’s personality, regardless of how much we find it objectionable and make an effort to change those actions. This is more than ever true for young puppies and they’re simply looking at the whole lot around them and trying to make a good judgment of their surroundings to the extent that they can.

Either way you try to watch it, dogs are fond of chewing lots of things, be that your furnishings, your attire, and more! At what time our dogs are young puppies, we dig up them puppy teething playthings that they can dwell on to ease the pain they’re passing all through during this stage. On the other hand, at what time our dogs are completely grown-up adults, we dig up them everlasting chew playthings that maintain them entertained.  

As a result, chewing is something all dog owners have to become accustomed to, seeing as its very usual dog behavior, and your dog’s wood chewing habit is no different.

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is one of the most familiar grounds why dogs chew up wood, in addition to lots of different objects you may have around your home on top. Dogs that are anxious from being left unaccompanied for long-drawn-out periods of time without anybody to intermingle with, in particular their owner, will time and again begin to chew on whatsoever they can find in an attempt to ease some of that anxiety.


This is interrelated to the fact that your dog may be chewing on wood merely as they’re feeling tired of something. You’d be amazed what tediousness drives your dog to act every now and then, and this kind of behavior is nothing short of what by and large takes place. As a result, to fight tediousness, take care you’ve got the essential boxes ticked, such as offering your pet dog all the playthings they want to play with to hang about joyful, you’re exercising them recurrently so they feel gifted and not ignored in any way.

Why is it Bad for Dogs?

Yet again, although why do dogs eat wood is nothing exceptional and is much more familiar dog behavior. On the other hand, one would feel initially, it’s not the most perfect of dog behavior, so it needs to be stopped.

Your dogs’ teeth are well-built, of course. After all, this is one of the things they’re famous for most – their steep biting power that can cut up most things out there into pieces in a matter of few seconds. However, even the strongest set of dog teeth can meet its counterpart, and wood is a very good case of such a counterpart. Probabilities are, if your dog doesn’t guess just how strong the wood is, and fixes on to take a jam-packed force chew from a log of wood they find, they’re going to wind up damaging some teeth if the wood is unbreakable.

Furthermore, at what time your dog chews on wood, they can fix on to gulp down a piece of it they cope to rip off.  Thus, why do dogs eat wood is an issue to think about seriously?

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