why do dogs eat cat poop

Why do Dogs eat Cat Poop?

Dogs eating cat poop is by no means a new incident. It’s a well-familiar canine habit known as Coprophagia. But what is the reason why do dogs eat cat poop, and how can you bring to an end to it?

First, Coprophagia generally is a normal yet nasty canine behavior. New canine mothers will lick their puppy’s undersides to encourage defecation. After that, they eat what emerges to keep the den clean and free from the smell that might catch the attention of predators. In fact, puppies are unsurprisingly inclined to try eating more or less anything they find in the surroundings to find out whether it is a budding source of nourishment. Nearly all puppies outgrow this tendency gradually; but for a few, it does go on into maturity.

And cat poop appears to be particularly striking to dogs. The catlike digestive tract is comparatively short, which denotes that the feces it generates can include undigested nutrients in the shape of proteins, etc. It is believed that to dogs, cat poop basically odors and tastes an appalling thing similar to food.

Why do Dogs eat Cat Poop & get Malnourished?

Nevertheless, cat poop-eating is not for all time common for dogs. Health setbacks can occur in a partial number of cases. Furthermore, disorders in the form of intestinal mal-absorption, Cushing’s disease or diabetes can make dogs voraciously starving, and they will mostly try to eat anything that has even the least similarity to food.

Another common cause is that cat-poop-eating dogs are neglecting nutrients in their food items. Indeed, there are less known facts to support this, mostly if a dog is eating sufficient amounts of a balanced food (nutrition-wise) made from good ingredients.

The foremost step at what time your faced with a dog eating cat poop is to get in touch with your vet. The physician can make a diagnosis or rule out any ailments or dietary problems that may be responsible and also make sure for the health problems that can crop up from these activities.

Can Dogs get ill when they eat Cat Poop?

The major health concern in view of a dog eating cat poop falls on contact to budding pathogens. In actual fact, feces include scores of bacteria. A big amount of Salmonella, Clostridia, or other illness-causing bacteria set up in cat feces has the capability to make a dog ill. Parasites are another budding setback.  

And just for the reason that a cat does not emerge to be clinically ailing, it can’t be taken for granted that their feces are unable to impart any disease. A number of cats are asymptomatic carriers, but they still drop microorganisms that can make other entities unwell.

Preventing a Dog from eating Cat Poop

Despite the fact that nearly all dogs who eat cat poop won’t build up problems, it still makes common sense to make an effort to stop these activities. The perfect way to prevent dogs from eating cat poop is to do away with their access to it. Place litter boxes in locations where the cat can straightforwardly access them, and your dog should never be able to do so.  

If you’re still anxious why do dogs eat cat poop, you can use pet doors, or litter box fixtures with petite openings. A self-cleaning litter container can also lend a hand, even though a few dogs learn to raid the container earlier than the cleaning cycle embarks on.

Keep a few treats readily available, so you can reward your dog for defying the urge to consume anything that they might locate along your way.