12 Best Dog Proof Trash Can

Dumpster diving is a hobby for most dogs. Playing with used tissues is an activity that gives your dog great joy, and although it may sometimes seem cute, your beloved pooch can easily get injured. Additionally, wading about in trash can pose serious health risks too. Think of all the toxic materials in the trash we generate nowadays, and you will certainly be worried too.

Dogs just seem to have an uncanny ability to locate trash, and when they do, they jump right in as if unearthing a valuable treasure. They enjoy themselves to the hilt while their owners stand by, aghast at all the dirt and distressed at the necessity of having to clean up after pet.

If it is commonplace for you to find your pooch getting into the trash every time you come home from a long day at the office, you are not alone, but this means that you certainly need to invest in a dog proof trash can. A trash can that keeps your dog out will save you stress and worry, and spare you from spending hours on cleaning.

Why do dogs love going through the trash?

Purchasing the best dog proof trash can helps in keeping the trash where they are supposed to be, but you have to do more than that. As a pet parent, it is also important to know the reason for the behavior. This enables you to correct the destructive behavior and prevent your dog from getting into the garbage again and treating it as a toy.

The last thing a pet parent wants is to come home to a house that has refuse strewn everywhere. So what is the reason your dog gets a frisson of excitement when they see the trash can? Experts think that this might be because their ancestors, the wolves, first socialized with humans by going through their trash hundreds of years ago. Here are a few other items that explain why.

The trash smells amazing

The trash can is a repository of the most pleasant smells, at least to your dog. There are things in it that pique their interest and it is like an itch that just needs to be scratched. This is often the case with kitchen refuse, it’s difficult to keep your dog away from them. The scraps of leftover food, and vegetable and fruit peelings may be disgusting to you but it is endlessly appealing to them. You can prevent your dog from going through the trash by taking any food-related garbage outside immediately.

They are trying to get your attention

Dogs seek stimulation and attention from their pet parents and to get their way they resort to a lot of things, one of which is to ransack the trashcan.

They are hungry

When your dog gets hungry, he will go through anything to satisfy his hunger. If you have been providing your pooch with the best dog food and he is still going through your smelly trashcan, chances are he may not be getting enough. It is important to keep in mind that your dog’s diet changes from time to time. This is especially true if you have a growing pooch. It is very easy to simply fall into a routine but it is highly likely that your dog may need more dog food than you are currently providing.

If things don’t work….

If you can’t quite put a finger on why your dog is repeatedly ransacking your garbage even if you have been providing him adequate amounts of food, giving him enough attention, and ensuring that you throw away food-related garbage, it might be time to seek professional help for some dog training lessons.

Are there such things as dog proof trash cans?

It is the nature of dogs to be curious. They want to explore but this doesn’t mean that you should just let them have their way. It is also your duty to get a trash can that your dog won’t easily be able to knock down and open. Fortunately for dog owners, there are dog proof trash cans widely available nowadays.

So, how do you go about the process of looking for a suitable trash can that your dogs can’t easily open? Do you just search for a review of the 5 best garbage containers for dogs? How do you select one that fits all your needs and ticks all items on your list?

How do you dog proof trash cans?

Trash cans are not created equal, and you want to invest your hard-earned money on something that will be of good use. So, what should you look for in a garbage bin that will stand the test of your dumpster diving dog? How do you get the best dog proof trash can? These are the things that you need to look for.      

  • Secure lid

A requirement for a lid is a no-brainer. However, not all lids are enough to prevent your pooch from frequenting your trash can and going after last night’s leftover chicken. It is vital to get a trash can that comes with a tight closing lid. It will keep all enticing scents locked away so there is less temptation for your dog. 

  • Locking mechanism

You can deter your pup from going through your trash can by making it a complicated contraption. Even the smartest pup won’t be able to figure out a locking device.        

  • Pedal or sensor

The pedal is a tricky contraption for dogs, as most dogs are not tall enough to reach the things inside the garbage bin even if they manage to somehow put one of their paws on the pedal. Sensors, on the other hand, are great alternatives to pedals because they keep your hands clean when you use the trash can and dogs don’t know how to operate them. 

  • Material

Durable materials are a must if you do not want a trash can that your dogs can destroy easily by knocking over, biting, or scratching.      

  • Size

Size is something that will dictate the stability of your trash can, together with the material. Generally, the more gallon capacity the garbage bin has, the more stable it is. Large trash containers also eliminate the need to take out the trash multiple times a day. There are 3-gallon, 4-gallon, 6-gallon, 9-gallon, and larger options of garbage bins available in the market now.

What is the best dog proof trash can?

Dogs seem to find garbage cans as delightful as they find their humans. If you just want to go home in peace without seeing your dog nosing through your trash, it might be an opportune time to get a dog proof trash can. Whatever your motivation may be, finding garbage receptacles that keep your dog out is a challenge. Not only it is necessary for trash cans to be functional, they must also be aesthetically pleasing. You certainly wouldn’t want one that sticks out like a sore thumb in your home.

If you are a proud owner of a motivated and clever dog, here are a few of the best dog trash cans for your consideration.

1. iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter

Our Rating:

One of the best inventions today is a trash can that not only keeps dogs out but also doesn’t clash with your kitchen décor. This chic garbage bin made of brushed stainless steel coating has an unconditional warranty, touchless option, and odor neutralizer.

The carbon filter will dissuade dogs from digging through your kitchen trash. Not only does it absorb odors, but it also provides a means of purifying them. The trash can comes with extra-long battery life and it only uses power when necessary. The touchless option also allows you to keep your hands clean.

Made of durable metal, it can easily withstand your dog’s wrath, should he decide to spend all his energy to see what is inside the trashcan.


Product Image

iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter
iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Automatic

2. Simplehuman 50 Liter 13 Gallon Rectangular Kitchen Step Trash Can

Our Rating:

Simplehuman is a brand that is known for its dog-friendly trash cans and the rectangular 50-liter 13-gallon kitchen step trash can is one product that is going to be a valuable addition to any dog owner’s arsenal.

This is a great alternative for those who dislike the butterfly lid. This design comes with a stay-open lid that allows users to keep it open for as long as they want. The inner locking is a dog-resistant feature. The patented silent close lid technology ensures a slow and noiseless close every time, all the time.

This garbage bin reduces the temptation for your dog because of the removable inner bucket that catches messy drips. Made of stainless steel, this trash can is designed to withstand the test of time. Moving is also very convenient with the built-in wheels.


Product Image

Simplehuman 50 Liter 13 Gallon Rectangular Kitchen Step Trash Can
Simplehuman 50 Liter 13 Gallon

3. Umbra Venti 16.5 Gallon Swing Top Kitchen Trash Can

Our Rating:

At first glance, this garbage can model does not seem capable of keeping the dogs out, but it surprisingly passes that test with flying colors! It is sturdy and is made of durable material that pets won’t be able to easily drag or push around. It comes with an easy swing lid design that conceals garbage and it features a secure bag ring so should your dog be able to open it, which is highly unlikely, he won’t be able to pull the trash bag or tear at it.

A bane of any homeowner is cleaning trash cans and Umbra understands this so they designed the Venti to be cleaned just by simply wiping the surface with a damp cloth. Sometimes it is just a hassle to get a kitchen step trash can or wave your hand on a sensor. This is the answer if you want to easily throw your trash.

The Venti would not only make a good kitchen trash can, but it is also suitable for commercial use, both outdoors and indoors.


Product Image

Umbra Venti 16.5 Gallon Swing Top Kitchen Trash Can
Umbra Venti 16.5 Gallon Swing

4. GLAD GLD-74560 Stainless Steel Step Trash Can with Clorox™ Odor Protection of the Lid

Our Rating:

Trash odor is something that should be addressed, regardless if you own a pet or not. No one likes to live in a smelly home. With the GLAD GLD-74560 dog proof trash can, the odor will no longer be a concern.

It features Clorox™ odor protection which hinders the growth of bacteria, the main culprit behind odors, so you don’t need to turn up your nose at it, pun intended.

There is also a built-in compartment just behind the trash can which conveniently stores trash bags. Trash bags can be easily dispensed from the side for easy replacement.


Product Image

GLAD GLD-74560 Stainless Steel Step Trash Can with Clorox™ Odor Protection of the Lid
GLAD GLD-74560 Stainless Steel Step Trash

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5. SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can Double Recycled Pedal Bin

Our Rating:

With a lid that fits snugly in the rim, you need not worry about your pooch getting various health risks because of playing with the trash cans’ contents. Dogs can’t put their noses in and sniff the contents, much less play with them. The airtight seal ensures that odors are kept in the trash can and not all over your house. Preventing odors also prevents your dog from making a huge mess.

This garbage bin comes with two separate compartments that are extremely useful in sorting out refuse and recycling. This is a testament that trash cans can both be easy to use and dog-proof at the same time. It also comes with a two-foot steel pedal that so you have the option of only opening a single side.

The heavy-duty stainless steel is durable and comes in a matte finish so it is fingerprint proof. There are also side handles that make it easy to move the bin from one location to another.


Product Image

SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can Double Recycled Pedal Bin
SONGMICS 16 Gallon Step Trash Can

6. iTouchless Commercial Size Automatic Touchless Sensor Trash Can

Our Rating:

Another excellent product from iTouchless, this commercial size trash can has a large capacity of 23 gallons. As you can tell from the name, the brand specializes in touchless bins so you need not worry about dirtying your hands. The built-in status alert lets you know when the lid is about to close so you don’t hurt yourself.

This bin opens with just a wave of your hand, thanks to the infrared sensor. The sensor is powered by four D batteries or an optional AC adapter which can be bought separately. There are also four wheels in the bottom which make it very easy to move the trash can in case your pup starts looking for it.

With its modern design, you won’t have any issues using it in the kitchen or even in your office. A natural carbon odor filter is also included in your purchase which neutralizes and absorbs odors.


Product Image

iTouchless Commercial Size Automatic Touchless Sensor Trash Can
iTouchless Commercial Size Automatic

7. Ninestars DZT-50-28BR Gallon Automatic Dog Proof Trash Can

Our Rating:

Ninestars trash products are not only functional, they are also equally stylish. Made with advanced delay sensing technology, it preserves batteries and also stops unnecessary openings by your dog or anyone walking by. The non-skid base helps keep the trash can in place so there are fewer chances of your dog knocking it over and playing with the trash.

The infrared motion sensor is made of high quality materials that are waterproof so accidental spills and moisture do not damage the unit. Just pass the debris or your hand within 10 inches of the sensor and the lid will open easily. The fingerprint-resistant stainless steel also helps ensure that the trash can is always spick and span.

Ninestars features a removable ring liner that holds standard trash bags in place and prevents it from overhanging, so you are guaranteed a clean appearance.


Product Image

Ninestars DZT-50-28BR Gallon Automatic Dog Proof Trash Can
Ninestars DZT-50-28BR Gallon Automatic

8. Simplehuman Semi Round Kitchen Step Trash Can with Secure Lock

Our Rating:

This sleek semi round kitchen step trash can from Simplehuman comes in five colors, namely black, silver, mocha, white, and grey. What more can you ask for? Unlike the usual step garbage can, this pet proof model comes with a secure side lock which ensures that no trash tumbles out even if it gets knocked down by your pet.

The ergonomic design allows it to easily fit any small space, be it your kitchen, office, or bathroom. The strong pedal is durable and is made to last more than 10,000 steps so you will be using it for years to come.

It also comes with dampeners that provide resistance for the lid, so your dog is not alerted every time you put something in the garbage.

Why it’s a winner – The slide lock makes this trash can stand out from the rest because it keeps the lid locked so no matter what happens, it will keep your pup out.


Product Image

Simplehuman Semi Round Kitchen Step Trash Can with Secure Lock
Simplehuman Semi Round Kitchen Step Trash

9. Sterilite Step On 12.6 Gallon Round Trash Can Dog Proof

Our Rating:

If you want an affordable round dog proof trash can that does the job without fancy features, the Sterilite Step On is for you. Made with an effective lock, it will keep your dog out and the trash in. It has a large 12.6-gallon trash capacity that makes it suitable for your kitchen and even the outdoors. It looks chic enough to be used in the office too.

Operated by a foot pedal, it ensures your hands are clean and it also comes with a turn lock on the lid making it completely pet-proof even when knocked over. It can be simply unlocked just by twisting the knob.

Compared to other models and brands available in the market, this is the only one that comes with a lock that no single dog, no matter how smart, will be able to operate.

This is sold in a pack so it is perfect for any dog owner who needs more than a single round step trash cans for their home.


Product Image

Sterilite Step On 12.6 Gallon Round Trash Can Dog Proof
Sterilite Step On 12.6 Gallon Round Trash Can

10. Rubbermaid Commercial Defenders Front Step-On Dog Trash Can with Plastic Liner, 24 Gallon

Our Rating:

Another worthy investment for any pet parent is this Rubbermaid dog proof trash can. It is equipped with a heavy-duty lid that dogs won’t be able to move or open so your trash is safe within. More for commercial than home use, this model features a galvanized steel liner that makes it a good choice even for infectious waste containment.

It comes in red color and powder-coated finish and a steel pedal for easy operation. The only downside to this is that it does not provide a means for locking, but Rubbermaid is confident that it won’t be knocked down easily because of its sturdy material.


Product Image

Rubbermaid Commercial Defenders Front Step-On Dog Trash Can with Plastic Liner, 24 Gallon
Rubbermaid Commercial Defenders Front Step-On Dog Trash

11. Homelabs 13 Gallon Dog Proof Automatic Garbage Can

Our Rating:

It is always a joy to get rid of trash without getting your hands dirty and this dog proof trash can does the job very well. This uses infrared technology and protects you from icky germs by opening the lid when motion is detected within 6 inches.

This comes with a butterfly lid which provides greater clearance for low countertops. Users also have the option to use the manual Open and Close buttons. Made of 13 gallon stainless steel, this is durable enough to withstand your dog, but also stylish, and would make a good kitchen or bathroom trash can.


Product Image

dog proof trash can
Homelabs 13 Gallon Dog Proof Automatic

12. Brabantia Touch Trash Can – Matte Steel

Our Rating:

One of the best dog proof trash containers in the market today, the Brabantia comes in matte stainless steel material with a sleek and modern design. This round, extra -large touch bin has an opening big enough to empty your dustpan without spilling any unwanted products on the floor.

It comes with a unique dampened lid hinge that operates with the lightest of touch, eliminating noise every time you open and close it so your dog won’t notice every time you throw something in. The whole lid can be easily removed every time you need to tidy it or change the trash bag. Whether you put it in the kitchen or in the bathroom, this best dog proof trash receptacle will keep your pets from getting inside and rummaging through all the contents.


Product Image

dog proof trash can
Brabantia Touch Trash Can

Are there other dog proof trash cans that deserve to be on this list? If we have overlooked a few products, please contact us and let us know and we’ll give it a review too!

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