Best Dog Proof Door Handles

4 Best Dog Proof Door Handles in 2021

Is your dog no longer content in staying indoors? Has your dog started opening doors or cabinets and wandered into spaces where they are not supposed to? Has he gotten extraordinarily good at nudging open the sliding glass door and pawing open latches? If this is what is happening in your household right now, it is time to get a handle on your dog. This is not only a nuisance but it can also be potentially life-threatening.

There are plenty of ways to ensure that your dogs do not open doors and most of these solutions are quick, affordable, and easy to do. However, before you can address the problem, it is best to understand the behavior first. What makes them act that way?

Why do dogs want to open doors?

Dogs are naturally curious creatures. They love to explore their surroundings and they want to know what is behind closed doors. They enjoy being able to roam freely and they want to see what the world beyond has to offer. There aren’t many things to satisfy your dog’s curiosity inside the household and this is why they oftentimes look for more mysteries they can solve.

How can I stop my dog from pushing the door open?

It can be such a nuisance to find out that your dog has left the house, was able to open the gate and is wandering down the street. Fortunately, it is a thing that doesn’t need the attention of your vet. The fastest way to nip this problem in the bud is to change the door handles at home. However, to do so you need to consider your budget. How much can you afford to spend?

Although some people go as far as replacing entire doors or using a bungee cord to secure doors, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of other options.  Save yourself the hassle and worry and check some of the ideas below on how to stop your dog from opening doors.

Round knobs

Getting round knobs is a great option because it is a door knob type that dogs will not be able to easily open. However, for many of us replacing all the door knobs at home is not something viable.

Locking mechanisms

Fortunately, there are locking mechanisms that can be installed on your door. Although your dog will still try to paw at the handle, they will learn that what they are doing won’t work and they will stop the behavior.

Lever style door handles

If the childproof lock does not work for any reason, another option is to take your lever style handles and reinstall them upside down. This way your dog won’t be able to get to the “catch” which they use as handles to open the door. Be warned, however, that this doesn’t work for all situations. There are times when the screws do not fit after turning the door handles upside down.

Out of the options discussed, locking mechanisms prove to be the easiest and the least costly way to prevent doors from opening doors. Here is the list of the best dog proof door handle products today that you can add to cart and use at home.

1. Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard

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This affordable product from Door Monkey easily clamps to the edge of the door in seconds and also works with all types of lever handles and doorknobs. It has a unique design that doubles as a pinch guard to help protect baby fingers from getting injured. It automatically locks when the door is closed and keeps the door in a partly cracked position. Aside from securing the room, it allows fresh air to circulate throughout to maintain a comfortable temperature, especially in the hot summer months.

Just simply clamp the lock to the door at any height. It can be unlocked from inside the room by pushing the button and unlocked from outside the room by pulling the tail. It only requires a standard, rectangular door stop molding with a flat edge to latch on to.

The Door Monkey door lock is as easy to remove as it is to install, plus it’s portable too. It is perfect for any trip to the grandparents’ and will just hang on the doorknob when not in use.

Pros & Cons

Door Monkey Door Lock and Pinch Guard

2. Wonderkid Adjustable Reusable Child Safety Lock

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The Wonderkid adjustable and reusable child safety lock works well for babies, toddlers, as well as dogs. It will help ensure that dangerous spaces in the homes are kept locked and will keep things where they are supposed to be.

The locking mechanism will easily latch to doors and cabinets and can be easily moved from one surface to another and reused again and again, thanks to the extra pads that come included. Brown in color, the safety locks look particularly good on dark surfaces.

Because it comes with a flexible strap and adhesive back, the lock also works well around corners, and easily releases without causing damage to surfaces. Installation is easy, with no need for screws and drills and the patented design ensures easy opening with just one hand for adults, but a challenge for little kids and pets.

Pros & Cons

Dog Proof Door Handle

3. Door Buddy Door Latch Plus Door Stopper

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The Door Buddy Door Strap Plus Door Stopper is marketed as something that will keep the babies and dogs out of the cat food and litter box, as well as no-entry rooms in the house. We all know that life is a lot more enjoyable with your children and furbabies around but sometimes it can be frustrating when they open doors and get into places where they are not supposed to.

Door Buddy holds the door open and provides a narrow enough space so cats can easily go in and out of the room without letting dogs in. Most pet parents prefer this adjustable door strap and door stop from a crate, as it props the door open, prevents pets from closing the door accidentally, and serves as a guard from tails or baby fingers getting pinched.

It is simple, easy-to-use, and it works perfectly! You can eliminate the hassle of installing dog gates or cutting out permanent holes. This is the perfect solution to all your door problems and it won’t cost you so much money.

Pros & Cons

Door Buddy Door Latch Plus Door Stopper

4. Safety First Outsmart ChildProof Door Lever Lock

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If you have lever style handles at home which your dog has wisely learned how to open, the Safety First Outsmart child proof lever door locks is your best bet in making sure that dogs and little children are kept outside spaces and rooms where they should not be.

One of the products in the OutSmart home safety collection, it helps keep curious kids, cats, and dogs safe with the first-ever decoy button. The prominent decoy button will divert your child’s attention while providing an outlet for curiosity at the same time. The functional buttons are hidden in plain sight, making the lock easy to operate for adults but a mystery for children and pets.

If you do not want to use the lock, all you need to do is simply down push the lever lock arm until the yellow deactivation indicator appears. Installation is easy and quick and does not require any tools. This lever handle lock comes in a unique design that fits most door lever handles.

Pros & Cons

Dog Proof Door Handle

Now you will be able to leave home without worrying about the safety of your dog. He will be right there waiting for you when you get home.

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