White German Shepherd Dogs and their owners participate in a wide variety of events. The versatility of these dogs can be seen in the diversity of the events and activities they participate and excel in. The WGSDCA encourages everyone to get out and do things with your white GSD. Whether it’s a walk in the park or a formal competition, exposing the public to the white GSD helps promote these dogs.

Some activities we would like to highlight that the WGSDCA supports include:

  • Conformation is an activity where dogs are exhibited and judged based on their adherence to the breed standard. This is a fun activity for dogs and exhibitors and is a great way for prospective white German Shepherd Dog owners to view many different dogs in one location.
  • Obedience is a sport GSD excel in because of their natural working ability. It’s also a great way to build a better relationship with your dog.
  • Rally is similar to obedience with slighty different exercises. It’s a great way for beginners to ger involved in dog events.
  • Agility is the fast paced competition where a dog runs and jumps and climbs various obstacles. It’s great for the high drive of a GSD.
  • Herding is a great way to take your dogs back to their roots. Developed to herd livestock in Germany, the GSD is a great herding dog.

White German Shepherd Dogs also participate in a wide variety of other activities. They are found on police forces in bomb detection squads, drug interdiction units, tracking, and doing attack work. They are also found working in search and rescue units and herding flocks. White German Shepherds are also involved guiding the blind, assisting the handicapped and working as therapy dogs.