Altered Dog Competition

The WGSDCA offers altered conformation classes for dogs that are surgically altered. If you have a dog that is neutered or spayed, we want you to participate in altered classes. Here’s how they work:

What dogs are eligible to compete in altered classes?

  1. Any dog surgically spayed or neutered that has an AKC/CKC registration number or an AKC ILP. Proof of altering may be required.
  2. Any dog that is registered with an AKC limited registration that is 6-18 months old and has not yet been spayed or neutered. These dogs can compete, but any titles will be withheld until proof of spaying or neutering is provided.

All dogs competing in altered classes must be at least six months old. Dogs entered in altered classes cannot compete in other classes. So, if you have a veteran dog that is altered, you can enter either the veteran class OR altered classes, not both.

How does the competition work?
There are two titles that your dog can work towards. The first is the Elementary Championship Option, or ECHO. The second title is the Master Altered Champion, or MAC. How the competition works depends on what titles you dog has previously earned.
If your dog has previously earned a WGSDCA Championship, an ECHO championship, or a championship in any other dog registry:
You are not eligible to compete for the ECHO. The ECHO is for dogs that are not already champions. Your dog should be entered in the Altered Champion Class. This class is only available to dogs 12 months of age or over.

If your dog has not previously earned any championships:
You are eligible to compete for the ECHO and your dog should be entered in either the amateur or expert class depending on the following:

  • Amateur – This class is for dogs 6 months of age or over. Your dog is eligible for this class if, as of the date of closing of entries, he has not won a first place in the amateur or expert class or a first place in the Novice, Bred By, Am/Can Bred, or Open classes. Dogs are also ineligible if they have any points towards a WGSDCA championship or a championship in any other registry or a win towards a ECHO championship.
  • Expert – This class is for any dogs six months of age and over. All dogs are allowed except dogs that have previously earned a WGSDCA Championship, an ECHO championship, or a championship in any other dog registry.

How do I win a championship?
The Amateur and Expert classes are divided by sex. Each class is judged separately and the dogs are awarded placements – 1st through 4th. The 1st place dog from each amateur and each expert class goes on to compete for Best Altered and Best Opposite Sex Altered. The Best Altered Dog is the dog the judge decides is the best of all the amateur and expert dogs. The Best Opposite Sex Altered Dog is the best dog of the opposite sex as the Best Altered Dog. An ECHO championship is awarded to a dog that wins Best Altered three times under three different judges.

The dogs in the Altered Champions Class compete totally separately from the dogs in amateur and expert. This class is not divided by sex, and the judge simply picks the best dog. This dog is the Best Altered Champion. When a dog wins Best Altered Champion five times under three different judges, he is awarded the Master Altered Champion title.