Show Rules Applying to Conformation

This document provides an overview of the rules applying to conformation in the WGSDCA. This does not include all rules, but an overview of how to compete in WGSDCA shows, earn points, and earn championships. For more detailed questions, please contact the WGSDCA National Show & Trial Coordintor.

Section I – Competing in WGSDCA Shows

The WGSDCA allows all dogs registered with the American Kennel Club as German Shepherd Dogs to compete in WGSDCA shows and to be awarded points based on wins from WGSDCA sanctioned clubs. Beginning in July of 2002, the WGSDCA also allows Canadian registered dogs (CKC registered dogs) to compete for championship points in any WGSDCA or host show.

Please review our overview of WGSDCA classes and the structure of a WGSDCA show. All shows are held in accordance with the WGSDCA Rules for Holding Shows Manual. When the WGSDCA manual does not address an issue, the Rules Applying to Dog Shows AKC manual shall have authority.

Section II – Earning WGSDCA Championship Points

A dog may earn points with the WGSDCA, Inc. by winning in a show held by the WGSDCA (these shows are called member shows) or by winning in a WGSDCA sanctioned show hosted by another organization (these shows are called host shows). The owner of the dog does not need to be a member of the WGSDCA to earn points in any case.

Earning points in a Member Show: In a member show, the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch are awarded points. These points are based on the number of dogs competing in regular classes. The number of dogs competing is the total number of entered dogs minus any dogs that are disqualified or do not compete. The Best of Winners is awarded the higher of the points awarded to the Winners Dog and the Winners Bitch. If the Winners Dog or Winners Bitch goes on to win Best of Breed or Best Opposite Sex, any dogs they beat that are entered as Specials are counted in the total of dogs entered.

Shows are set up in regions with three regions presently with more added as the club and number of dogs shown grows. Each year, on the first of the month preceding the national show, the number of dogs shown and the number of shows held in each region are averaged and the point system is taken from this. This allows for a region with less number of dogs showing and/or less number of shows held to be able to get majors with less dogs and regions with more dogs showing and/or number of shows held, must have more dogs competing to earn majors. This allows for better competition without “filling” a show just to get majors.

Dogs and bitches are averaged separately and may need different number of dogs/bitches for their majors. Please refer to the current point schedule in effect for each region. You DO NOT need to report wins in a member show to the WGSDCA; championship points are automatically awarded.

Earning points in a WGSDCA Sanctioned Show hosted by another organization: Any owner of a white German Shepherd Dog that shows with ARBA, UKC (as German Shepherd Dogs), CKC and other show giving organizations or registries that are AUTOMATICALLY SANCTIONED by the WGSDCA who wishes to have their wins applied toward a Championship with the WGSDCA, must complete a host show report form in order to receive championship points. The owner of the dog does not need to be a member of the WGSDCA to recieve chamapionship points from a host show. The host show report form must be sent to the Conformation Director within 14 working days after the close of the show or the publication of the show results (whichever is later).

Points are awarded according to the following rules:

1. If the dog is not a champion of record in the show giving organization or registry and places as Winners Dog/Winners Bitch or higher, points are awarded according to the WGSDCA point schedule depending on the number of dogs beaten (see above).

2. If a dog is a champion of record in the show giving organization or registry, he is not eligible to receive points in breed competition. However, if he advances to group where group competition is available, he may receive points as described below.

3. If a dog advances to group where group competition is available, the WGSDCA offers additional championship points. Points awarded for Group Placements are awarded according to the current point schedule.

A dog/bitch earning points in the regular class may have those points added to the points earned in group to a total of 5 points. However, this would not be considered a major where the points are added together. Example: WD earns 2 points. Same dog wins Group 4 for 2 points. This totals 4 points but does not earn a major. A major must be earned with at least 3 points at one judging.

The following show giving organizations or registries are AUTOMATICALLY SANCTIONED by the WGSDCA:

  • American Rare Breed Association
  • United Kennel Club (if dog is shown as a German Shepherd Dog)
  • Canine Kennel Club
  • Dog Fanciers of America
  • The North Carolina Confederacy of Tail Waggers
  • The States Kennel Club
  • The White German Shepherd Dog Club International, Inc.
  • The World Wide Kennel Club

Section III – Earning WGSDCA Championships

A WGSDCA championship is awarded when the dog has met the following requirements:

1. The dog has earned a total of 15 points in the WGSDCA either by wins in the WGSDCA or from points awarded from wins in other organizations.

2. The dog has won two majors (a major consists of a win of three points or more at one judging) under two different judges.

3. The dog has won one major against white German Shepherd Dogs only.