Lady and the Unhappy Duck

I have a “duck” story about Lady. We lived on a lake in North Carolina and we always had ducks in our yard. They even got to be a nuisance. So one day when Lady was being somewhat of a brat (yes, she was a crazy puppy at one time), I told her to go and get a duck. She ran outside and the ducks scattered. Then she came to me and kept wanting to take me to her dog house that was in the kennel run I had for times when we were away. I followed her and she had caught a duck and gently carried it to her dog house and placed it inside and then came to me like “what am I supposed to do with it now?”. The poor duck was almost dead of fright. So I closed the kennel door and left it alone until it had recovered its composure and then I picked it up and deposited it in the lake. I think that is one duck that didn’t come back into our yard!

- submitted by Anne Utter