Kelly and the Chickens

We all have many stories about our dogs we like to share with others. I would like to share this one with you. It’s about a wonderful German shepherd bitch named “Kelly.” This was my Mom and Dad’s shepherd when my 3 brothers were still living at home in the early ’70s. Mom and Dad bought Kelly at 6 weeks of age and she was one-of-a-kind right from the start.

Kelly was more than a wonderful German shepherd. She had the perfect personality for the breed – healthy and to top it off, beautiful. What more could a person ask for? Still to this day, many memories of Kelly are brought to conversation. When Kelly was about 5 years of age my Morn gave her to her mother (Cora) who lived on a farm in Cushing, WI.. Cora was a very lonesome lady. Grandpa (Johnny) was always gone someplace, and Kelly became Cora’s perfect company. Cora caught Kelly to stay out of her large garden while she worked in it or not. Kelly would lie at the edge of the garden and wait for Cora to finish her work. Cora would always say� “I’ve had many great dogs in my life time�but, Kelly is one I will NEVER forget.” She was a magnificent shepherd in so many ways. Mom and Dad were moving to a different place where they couldn’t have a dog. Stories like this you always hear about, but in this case Kelly was meant to be with my Grandma Cora to the end.

Cora also had many stories to tell of Kelly later on. They were good/funny stories that would make my Grandma laugh with shear joy! The one story that made me laugh to this day was of Kelly and neighbors’ chickens. Kelly would go to the neighbors not that far away�possibly in the evening tom and bring a chicken home with her. She would NEVER hurt them. She would keep them in her dog house that as right by Cora’s back door. This was so amusing! When Cora would greet Kelly in the mornings, there again, would be a chicken in the dog house with her. What was strange about the whole thing was, the chickens never come out. It was as if Kelly ordered them to stay inside and they would.

Well, feeling quite guilty – Cora would take the chickens back to the neighbors, but the neighbors did not find this at all amusing and became furious over Kelly’s sport. They continued to tell Cora that they didn’t want Kelly over at their place anymore. So, then in the evenings Cora would tie Kelly up to her dog house. Back then, in the ‘old farm days’�you never tied a dog up. They were allowed to roam free so they could protect the family and the other animals on the farm. This was just another great aspect of Kelly’s goodness.

Cora couldn’t take it anymore. After 3 days or so had passed she never tied Kelly up again. As the following morning arrived�yes, there was Kelly with another unharmed chicken in her dog house�ha! It was almost as if Kelly was lonesome of something. The chickens were like company for the dog. Cora just didn’t know what to do anymore. She wanted to stay friends with her neighbors and didn’t want them angry at Kelly either. Clever as Kelly was, she NEVER had been seen taking the chickens, So, Cora finally came up with a solution. As Kelly brought more chickens home with her…Cora and Johnny ate them!

My Grandma would laugh and then continue to tell more stories about the wonderful shepherd names Kelly.

I miss my Grandma and Grandpa so much. Many good memories on the farm in Cushing, WI.

- submitted by Kathy Sater-Parch