Gretchen the Hero

 I was visiting in South Florida about five years ago at a friend’s house in a very nice area. The friends were not there at the time. Gretchen, my now coming 11 year old wGSD, was with me and Inge who was then a puppy was there also. The first night there, I was sound asleep about 5:30 in the morning when I heard a horrible crash and realized that someone had smashed through the front door. Gretchen, who always lies by my side and is not professionally guard trained was growling and then screaming in a rage I had never heard out of her before. By the time I got up enough nerve to go look and call 911, my home invader was gone – all the hardware from the door was spread all over the floor – Gretchen did not want to calm down. The police caught a detainee with a bite mark on his arm. They were convincned he was he criminal but I couldn’t identify him-only Gretchen could and she has never forgotten it either. The police said he was the most dangerous type of home invader because he knew I was in there. He was just too stupid to know Gretchen was too. She saved my life that morning – she is my hero.

- submitted by Gloria Dalton

Gloria’s Dog Mein Gretchen Hund (Gretchen) was recognized by the WGSDCA as a HERO DOG – PET DIVISION from the years 1989-2000.