Jazz Keeps Watch

Jazz is my white german shepherd. When she was 1 1/2 years old, I traveled from my home in northern Iowa to South Carolina to purchase a half year old male german shepherd. I drove my Geo Metro and took Jazz along. With the back seat laid down and the hatch back it was very comfortable for my dog. We made a 2 hour stop at one rest area and I slept and other then that it was a non stop trip down there. I spent the night there and then started back with the pup along. Jazz liked the pup and played with him and showed him the purpose of the rest areas. He caught on quickly. But I tired soon, and about 9 pm we stopped at a rest area and I decided to spend several hours. When I walked to the rest rooms the feeling about the place was nervous tension. It did not feel restful, but I didn’t see anything to cause me concern. So I plumped up my pillow and settled down to sleep in the front seat with the two dogs in the back of my car. Sometime later there was a disturbance in the yard, I came awake enough to see Jazz’s head and neck reaching over the back seat and looking out the front window. I turned over and reached up and scratched her neck and mumbled good girl and went back to sleep. I woke up and turned over about every hour and each time Jazz was there – watching. I slept as comfortable as possible across the two front seats, relaxed and confident I was safe. In the morning we all “excercised” and then started on our way again. But Jazz did not play with the pup, she slept all morning.

- submitted by Myrna Giles