Frank Scares Off a Rapist

¬†Frank and I were at Marly’s Canine College, training in open class. (Frank is Honeyhills Falconeer my white factored dark german shepherd). We went out back to “exercise” and my 85 pound black and tan german shepherd was dilly-dallying and everyone else had gone inside. There was a big spot light out there and the light from the adjacent car lot helped light the area up, but it was still a dark alley behind the building and I was uneasy when a big dark man walked out from between the next building and seemed to be walking straight towards me. He was very tall and had a sweat shirt and jeans on and a stocking cap. It was warm out and I was still just standing there wondering about that stocking cap when my dog came out of the shadows where he had been checking everyone else’s calling cards and walked in front of me with his hackles up and a loud growl coming from him. When I saw my dogs hackles I knew this man was trouble, for I had never seen Frank aggressive. But before I could turn to run, the man hesitated in his progress forward, looked surprised at the dog, and then he turned and left the way he had come. I went back in the building and told Marly what had happened and she gasped, that was the description of the man who had been raping women in the area for several weeks and why had I just stood there? (well, I’m from the sticks – I’d never seen a rapist before). But even more important, I had a german shepherd by my side.

- submitted by Myrna Giles