Other Activities

White German Shepherd Dogs are involved in so many diverse activities it is impossible to name them all. We’ve highlighted a few of the activities that WGSDCA members are involved in with their dogs.

  • Therapy Dogs – Many white German Shepherd Dogs are certified as therapy dogs with Therapy Dog International. These dogs often visit the sick, troubled or elderly to bring cheer into their lives. Having therapy dogs can be a total joy for the handler, the dog and the patients. The size of white German Shepherd Dogs is actually a strength for therapy work because many patients enjoy the fact that they are so big and white, soft and clean. When a dog licks a nursing home patient’s hands, you can see their faces light up, as most patients don’t have a lot of sensitivity in their hands and that sensation brings pleasant memories and lots of smiles. Some patients can barely speak, but when a white German Shepherd Dog approaches all of a sudden the person who could just mumble, says, “I used to have a German Shepherd.” It’s truly amazing the power these dogs give to others.
  • Police Work – All German Shepherd Dogs, including the white coated dogs, love to work. They love a mental and physical challenge and are happiest when they have a purpose. Police work is well suited to these dogs as it provides the mental and physical stimulation they need. The loyalty of the breed is also an asset as the bind between a dog and his handler can be amazing.
  • Search and Rescue – Many different breeds participate in Search and Rescue (SAR), but the German Shepherd Dog is probably the best known for this activity. White German Shepherd Dogs are active in SAR and were involved in search efforts at both the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on and following September 11th. These dogs are among the many heroes that step up when disaster strikes.
  • Service Dogs – The intelligence and empathy of the German Shepherd Dog allow them to work as service dogs for those with conditions that limit their mobility or vision. White German Shepherd Dogs work as service dogs to enrich the lives of people who need a little extra assistance.