Agility is an obstacle course for dogs. It is addicting, challenging, and great fun for dogs and handlers and is very much a team sport. Due to their versatility, German Shepherd Dogs of any color do very well in agility. Every club that holds agility events welcomes white German Shepherd Dogs and allows them to compete. In agility competition you have one handler and one dog in the team. The dog is off leash and is directed by the handler to accomplish the course in a set amount of time. You are not allowed to touch your dog or the obstacles, but you can yell, scream, talk, bark, jump up and down, or direct the dog in any other way you would like. Strategy is a key element in agility and many have various styles. That is one of the reasons it is just so fascinating of a sport

The obstacles in agility consist of tunnels (open and a nylon collapsed), an “A” frame, dog walk, teeter totter, (these three are “contact” obstacles, where the dog much touch the yellow “contact” area before leaving) jumps (single, broad, doubles, triples), tire jump, weave poles, and a pause table (dog is required to sit or stay for five seconds).

Agility is a great sport to learn and compete with your dog! Look for an agility trainer and course near you and let the fun begin!! To find a club or class near you, visit the Clean Run list of agility clubs and schools.

Agility Venues