Casting Call for WGSDs in Sascha’s World?

A WGSDCA member and past President of the club, Lance Lessler, has recently published a futurist science fiction novel, titled Sascha’s World. Included in the story line are a number of White German Shepherd Dogs (WGSDs). Although the thrust of the novel is not centered around the dogs, Lessler said he included them, based on his experience with them as a breeder and trainer during the last fifteen years that he has had WGSDs. The book is now available as either a softcover or Kindle title on Lessler says that, if the book is a success, it might be made into a movie, which would require some WGSD actors to perform various stunts. Hopefully, Hollywood will find some good WGSD actors. If not, he jokes, the roles will have to be played by black and tan GSD actors, with their coats bleached white. It may not be too soon to start training your WGSDs to be in the movies, so they will be available when the movie’s cast is being assembled.

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